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Pet foods and medications online

We are an Australian online pet supplies company that has everything you need in one online pet store. Whether it's premium dog food and cat food from brands like Black Hawk, Royal Canin, Advance, Pro Plan, Eukanuba, Hills Science Diet, and IAMS to flea treatments and other medications from Nexgard, Advantix, Revolution, Sentinel and Advocate. In addition to selling pet food online we also stock other pet supplies. With a huge range of dog beds, collars, dog coats, accessories, dog toys, cat toys and treats.

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How much Should I Feed My Dog?

Great health begins from the inside out, which is why it’s so important for dog lovers to learn about how to provide their canine companions with the best nutrition possible.

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Leaving Your Dog Home Alone

It’s no secret that we adore our dogs! As much as many of us would love to stay home to play with our best furry friends all day long, for most dog owners, that’s not realistic scenario.

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