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Greenies Dental Chews Large

Greenies Dental Chews Large
Brand: Greenies
Product Code: DFDT11019
Price: $19.95
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Recommended: Large – for dogs over 22 - 45kg

Greenies is an all natural dental treat for dogs that helps fight against dental disease.

Greenies are hard enough to remove plaque build-up from teeth, but will not chip the teeth of any dog. They are proven to reduce bad breath and plaque build-up, improve digestion, diminish oral bacteria and provide good nutrition.

The new enhanced recipe for Greenies dental chews is full of high-quality proteins, vitamins and minerals. Plus they now contain natural sources of antioxidants and fiber. Greenies dental chews are low in fat, nutritionally complete and well-balanced for effective adult dog maintenance.

  • Remove plaque and tartar - even heavy deposits
  • Reduce gingivitis
  • Freshens breath
  • Improves your dog’s overall health by deterring dental disease
  • Greenies prevent tartar formation both by mechanical cleaning and by binding calcium
  • Greenies contains Chlorophyll, a natural deodoriser that freshens breath